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Protecting the faithful is a ministry for Dr. Dan Fitzsimons, of NEFBSA. After many years of business and military experiences around the world, the need to shield our home congregations from harm came as a shock. Active intential protection of Houses of Worship and foreign missions began in 2012. Team security and executive protection is an on-going committment. 

Training tactical and soft skills instruction include: de-escalation through verbal and non-verbal respsonse, open and closed hand control measures, close protection, team building, response planning, integration with stakeholders, legal concepts, and emergency medical responses. 



Henley Putnman School of Strategic Security at American University


Fairleigh Dickinson University


New Hampshire College

Doctorate of Strategic Security (DSS) with advanced work in Intelligence, Executive Protection, and Counter-terrorism. Dissertation "Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Protecting Churches in New England". 

Masters of Science Homeland Security (MSHS) with advanced graduate studies in Terror Studies. Applied research in Public Answering Point (PSAP) restructing within New England.

Bachelors of Art

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