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Our Work

NEFBSA is composed of men and women of faith, who accepted God's calling to ensure peace and safety among the congregations within New England. This is a tall order because to stand watch requires effective training, equiping, staffing, and most important, compassionate judgement. Our work is not new, rather timeless. 

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Connecting Providers

Congregations from all denominations and faith traditions have common challenges. Together the NEFBSA makes a path to learn from each other, while maintaining a "Need to Know" environment. 


Training Stakeholders

Training is the only way to proficiency. Training programs are both Virtual and in-person. Rumney Bible Conference Center in Rumney NH is where scenario based practice happens. Local training within each state is also happening on a regular basis. 

Security Guard
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Shared Experiences

Keeping peace in God's house is unique. No one has all the answers, especially in New England where cultural diversity has consequences. Through communicating with other like-minded providers, our ministires transform into achievable routines. 


Threat based Intelligence

Threat based intelligence aids in reducing general concerns into actionable, useful information. NEFBSA encourages cross-communication between congregations, sharing real-life experiences, which other security teams need to know. 

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